The Château de Belcastel is not only a historical landmark and architectural miracle– it is also the home of several art galleries. Browse our featured and general exhibitions below to discover what awaits you at the castle this season. 


31 March | 10am Chateau is open to the public

6 April - 6 May | Easter treasure hunt for children

27 June | [17:00h-19:30h] Crystal Wagner Vernissage

5 July-30 August | [18:00h-22:00h] Market in the village on Friday evenings

20 & 21 July | Belcastel Fête. More information

August Date TBA | Medieval concert; For more information contact

19 October-4 November | Treasure hunt for children

4 November | Château Closed for the day

11 November | Château closes for the season


Antique Objects

A liturgical calendar dating from 1843 that belonged to Don Joallis Francisci de Saunhac de Belcastel, then Archbishop of Elne. Offered at the Château by the late historian Robert Taussat, exhibited in the 15th century chapel

An original family tree of the Saunhac family, tracing the ancestry of the family to Charlemagne. Offered by Count Overto Serra of Saunhac de Belcastel

A 7th century stone Virgin Mary, permanently installed in the 9th century chapel

A 15th century Madonna restored with gold and silver leaf, exhibited in the 15th century seigneurial chapel

Two knights battling on horses: a Grand Templar Master and England’s Black Prince

Art & Sculpture

“Ignis Fatuus” | Installation by American artist Crystal Wagner, which will be installed in June of 2019 and will wrap around the facade of Chateau Belcastel, transforming the exterior of the castle into a hybrid of historic architecture and colorful, abstract forms.