The Château de Belcastel is not only a historical landmark and architectural miracle– it is also the home of several art galleries. Browse our featured and general exhibitions below to discover what awaits you at the castle this season. 


Antique Objects

A liturgical calendar dating from 1843 that belonged to Don Joallis Francisci de Saunhac de Belcastel, then Archbishop of Elne. Offered at the Château by the late historian Robert Taussat, exhibited in the 15th century chapel

An original family tree of the Saunhac, which traces the ancestry of the family to Charlemagne. Offered by Count Overto Serra of Saunhac de Belcastel

A stone Virgin Mary of the 7th century, exposed in the 9th century chapel

A 15th century Madonna restored with gold and silver leaf, exhibited in the 15th century seigneurial chapel

Art & Sculpture

Off the Wall | The French debut of Spanish artist J DEMSKY. Exhibition of 8 new artworks in the principal gallery

Vernissage 22 June | The Artist will create a street art project in the prison gallery and autograph his exhibition poster

Duplicity | French Artist Pierre MATTER debuts a collection of new bronze sculptures throughout the chateau


31 March | 10am Chateau is open to the public

31 March to 13 May | Easter treasure hunt for children

7 & 8 April | Adult/child treasure hunt and exclusive art exhibition

22 June | Vernissage

6 July-17 August | 6pm-10pm Market in the village on Friday evenings

21st & 22nd July | Belcastel Fête. More information

20 October to 4 November | Treasure hunt for children 

4 November | Last weekend castle is open before closing

The Art of J Demsky, 2018

Is a Spanish artist whose work challenges conventional notions of space and depth of field, the result being the creation of dynamic new architectural forms which distort dimensions by their use color and technique. Emerging as a street artist in the early 1990s, Demsky has since acclimated seamlessly to the white box space. His work continues to be graphically striking, now incorporating a varied arsenal of material, matter and method to achieve his singular vision—the construction, deconstruction and reconstruction graffiti tropes into architectural and spatial masterpieces. The curatorial mission of Chateau Belcastel is to focus on contemporary art that celebrates the intersection of art and functionality of architecture.  In the same spirit that the late great architect Fernand Pouillon imbued his work with creative ideas that pushed through established boundaries, Demsky’s work meticulously challenges accepted views of stasis and motion in technicolor hues.

The Art of Pierre Matter, 2018

“I draw my inspiration from the way nature is being changed by science, from the hybridization of humans and animals and machines,” says Pierre Matter. Born in Munster, France, Mr. Matter was a mystical child then a tormented teenager, studying mathematics. Via a series of twists and turns, he ended up turning to the “mystical world of art,” working with a host of media (oil on canvas, gouache, ink – including comic strips – and bas-relief on stone), before becoming a sculptor.

Today, the Artist works mostly with bronze and recycled objects, using welders, plasma cutters, laser cutters and grinders to shape and sculpt. “I’m a kind of salvager. I feel like a child in a heap of sand, but instead of sand, there’s a lot of recycling and scrap, full of magnificent objects. Often, the sculpture which emerge from these scraps of metal speak to us of who we are and how our future might be.” His main influences are Bilal, Giger, Jodorowsky and Dali. Mr. Matter has created monumental installations and his work is in important collections around the world. His work is highly collectable and has been shown in Paris, London, New-York, Miami, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Dubaï to name a few.