The winds of change that blow around have brought a dramatic next chapter to my life. Soon AFA will be without lease, my house sold, and Christie graduated from NYU; so, I will be truly free in a brand new day in a brand new way. I will close my gallery in New York at the end of March and spend more time in France. I feel pretty exhilarated...

Since making this decision I’ve begun managing projects for two established artists and will book exhibitions for them in the EU and USA. One of them is creating a monumental installation ON the castle during the month of June; (Whaaaaat!)  More... I am completely excited to be working with such a couple of world-class creatives.  The Vernissage will be June 27th, and of course you are invited....:)

I will always treasure the time we shared and the exhibitions with so many extraordinary artists who have come to define the unique collection of AFA. 

LOOK! The 35th anniversary event history on our website proves we rocked it, y’all....

Much love always, Heidi


OVER 35 years in business and as part of a commitment to supporting our artists, AFA has acquired a significant inventory of artwork owned by the gallery. As part of the closing process, we will be offering our clients these works at a significant discount.

Original paintings, prints, and sculpture will be offered at once in a lifetime prices on a first come first serve basis. The gallery will remain open 7 days through March.